Welcome, please look through my site to learn more about my instruction programs. I offer Private Instruction, Player Development Programs, and Coaching to all levels of golfers from beginners to advanced competitive golfers. Of the 27,000 PGA Professionals in the U.S., I am one of less than 500 professionals to achieve Certification in Teaching & Coaching from the PGA of America. When you’re ready to schedule a lesson or if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Gary Lipelt, PGA


Adult Instruction

I offer a variety of programs designed to help students of all abilities learn to play better golf. If requested, I also provide my students with their own personalized webpage which can include lesson video, lesson summaries and swing sequence images. Please contact me if you have any questions or special requirements.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons provide one-on-one instruction tailored to the students current skill level, needs, and objectives. For the beginning golfer, Private Lessons offer you a chance to learn at your own pace without the distractions of other students. For the experienced golfer Private Lessons allow both you and the instructor to focus on areas of your game that need the most attention.

One-Hour Private Lesson – $60
Series of Six 60-Minute Private Lessons – $300

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Junior Instruction

Junior golf lessons are designed to introduce and promote the game of golf to junior golfers of all abilities. The goal is to provide a fun and enjoyable learning environment that will stimulate interest in the game.

Instruction can take junior golfers from beginner to competitive golfer and beyond. The key is to challenge the junior at each level in a way that builds on their success. During this process the junior golfer will be encouraged to learn more, practice smarter and play their best.

Beginning junior golfers will learn the fundamentals: grip, stance, posture, alignment, ball position, as well as the basics of the golf swing motion. All areas of the game are taught, including putting, chipping, irons and woods.

For the experienced junior golfer, instruction is focused on continuing swing development and correction. Utilizing video and drills, emphasis is placed on proper mechanics to gain a clear understanding of their swing.

Junior Instruction Fees
One-Hour Junior Lesson – $40
Series of Six One-Hour Junior Lessons – $200

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If your son or daughter aspires to play in high school, college, or beyond, finding the right golf program and golf instructor will be the most important decision you make with respect to his or her future as a golfer.  If you’re ready to see your son or daughter shoot lower scores and demonstrate consistency,  please contact me to set up a free initial consultation.

Junior Player Development

Every personalized Junior Player Development Program utilizes  a systematic training approach which takes each student through all phases of golf training and includes the following:

  • Technical Training – Mental, Physical and Mechanical
  • Pre-Competition Training
  • Competition Training
  • Evaluate Tournament Performance
  • Evaluate Skills Development
  • Return to Technical Training and repeat the process

My Junior Player Development Coaching Philosophy

Every students needs to develop and maintain solid fundamentals.
Fundamentals are developed and maintained through purposeful practice.
Solid fundamentals will allow the player to take advantage of his/her skills.
There are no failures in golf, there are only opportunities to learn.
Every experience, good or bad, has the potential to help prepare you for the next experience.
You can not compare yourself to others or their accomplishments.
Set both long-term and short-term goals.
Work on achieving short-term goals to help move towards long-term goals.

A Personalized Junior Player Development Program can also include the following:

  • Full-time golf training program for peak performance
  • Evaluation: overall game, equipment, personality for golf, technical abilities, physical abilities
  • Planning: Tournament schedule, detailed long term game plan for each student
  • One to Two 1-hour a week training session depending on the program
  • Flightscope 3D Doplar Radar Launch Monitor
  • Video Sessions as needed
  • Detailed training program for the rest of the week
  • 25 Range Tokens per month
  • Tournament preparation support, smart goal setting for event
  • Tournament evaluations
  • Ongoing support  – Phone & Email support included
  • Monthly progress reports to parents if requested

Successful students have gone on to play collegiate golf, become PGA Professionals, and play on the PGA Tour

Who am I looking for?

  • Students with big dreams
  • Dedicated students that work hard
  • Students with a real love of the game

Cost: Every Junior Player Development Program is customized to fit each students needs.

Contact me for a personalized program.

Student Testimonial

“Gary’s eye for the modern golf swing and the game of golf is great. In my opinion he has been the best coach/ professional that I’ve ever worked with. But what was even more important to me than his knowledge about golf was that he knows how a golfer thinks in certain situations. He’s been able to keep me on the ground when things went well but also gave me that little extra motivation when I thought things weren’t going my way. If you are committed to reach your goals, Gary will put just as much hard work into you and your game as you put in yourself”

Adrian Schwarz
Winterthur, Switzerland

Dear Gary:
Thanks for the very positive and constructive golf lessons over the last several weeks. Your lessons have been instrumental in allowing me to climb out of a severe and protracted playing slump. The deterioration of my game was reflected in a USGA handicap that soared from an 11 to a 17. I’m pleased to report that your lessons have been directly responsible for a very substantial improvement in my game. In fact, I have won three tournaments in the last month including the Davis Senior Club’s Annual Net Championship.

I particularly appreciate that your approach to lessons is not focused on re-making a student’s golf swing. You keep it simple and provide the student with practice drills that address swing problems. Thanks again for the high caliber instruction. You are a real “Pro.”

Jerry Hallee
Retired UC Davis Administrator

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